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‘Tis the season for cheesecake!

Welcome to the world of cheesecake, where we believe cheesecake is everything. Now you can sink your teeth into all the creative and craveable baking possibilities of Philadelphia cream cheese.

From that sold out handbag you’ve always wanted or a cool new cam for your bestie, to that festive slice of churro cheesecake you crave this time of year. Not quite ready to sculpt cheesecake into a pair of boots? We’ve got options for every skill set! The holidays are a piece of cake. Well... a rich, creamy piece of chocolate-pomegranate cheesecake, that is.

So get inspired and explore all the recipes you’ll need to bake your own iconic holiday cheesecake creation.

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Something For Every Taste Bud

Craving a cheesecake you’ll spend more time devouring than decorating? We’ve got recipes so impressively delicious, no one will even notice they’re not shaped like inanimate objects.

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Nail the recipe on your first try? Have a deliciously epic fail? We want to see it all. Share your cheesecake creation with us on social.
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